The event that follows all that came before.
The event yet to happen.


Sequel is a devised performance piece about the future and the unknown.
And what we do in the face of it.

A work-in-progress performance was presented thanks to seed funding from the TippingPoint & House Commission: Doing Nothing Is Not An Option, at Theatre Royal Plymouth in their Lab summer season 2018.

This first performance of sequel was made in collaboration with community dancers and Plymouth locals, as well as climate scientists, environmental psychologists, policy-researchers, oceanographers, politicians and activists who we have had ongoing conversations and interviews with. Many of their voices featured too.

Development of Sequel continues in Devon at Coombe Farm Studios thanks to the 2018 MGCfutures Bursary, of which Artistic Director Kay is a recipient. It is being made in collaboration with Bertrand Lesca of award-winning Bert&Nasi.

It is now looking like a one-woman show about death and renewal.

We hope it’ll be ready for public viewing and consumption in the summer / early autumn 2019..


Audience feedback

‘I felt touched – it was thought-provoking’
‘Stunning… this brought me to tears! I want to see this AGAIN!’
‘The piece really connected me to my home and made me appreciate it again’
‘The piece tackled a heavy topic but brought it down to a level which was close to home’
‘Beautiful, honest, curious’
‘I am sobered by the state of the planet’
‘I really like the idea of a show about belonging, home, community and climate change.. an interesting conflict’
‘I loved the movement – the strength and tenderness’
‘I wanted to get up and move with you’


sequel at TRP Lab, July 2018 (work-in-progress)

Conceived and Written by Kay Michael
Dramaturgy by Lucy Coren
Performed by Maite Alonso, Klara Lucznik, Kay Michael, Charlie Ranken, Shinjita Roy
Movement Facilitation by Klara Lucznik
Sound Design by Owen Crouch and Kay Michael
Production Assistant Lauren Walsh

Photography by Dan Whiteley