Season Scandinavia

In co-production with The Other Room, and in association with Sherman Cymru, Empty Deck presented a programme of some of the most exciting contemporary plays coming out of Scandinavia in venues in Cardiff, October 2015.



By Fredrik Brattberg

When Anne and Alfred bring their newborn baby Charlotte home neither of them expect the uncertainties that she adds to their lives. Wandering delicately between the normal and the abnormal, this one act play ruthlessly exposes what might be missing in us as mothers and fathers, and tells a quietly distressing story of two new parents who can’t step off the train they’ve embarked on.

Catrin Morgan, Owain Gwynn, Joanna Griffiths

Rehearsed Reading
Saturday 24th October,
Sherman Cymru Studio



Cosmic Fear Or The Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia

By Christian Lollike

LA is filled with traffic jams under heavy smog, trees are drifting under floods in Bangladesh and in China incinerators are burning holes in the ozone layer. Brad Pitt fears the future. Brad is a man of action and he’s not here to entertain, but to make a difference. Brad embarks on the great universal love project: to Save Planet Earth. This silly and scary play charts three people’s growing concerns and paralysis over the impact of climate change on the planet.

Rebecca Smith-Williams, Leander Deeny, Ben McGregor
Video Designer:
Jorge Lizalde
Tracy Harris

Scratch Performance
Friday 30th October,
The Other Room
7.30pm (60 mins)

Cosmic Fear-36

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Fredrik Brattberg

Brattberg is an award-winning Norwegian playwright and composer, and was recipient of the Ibsen Award in 2012. His compositions cover a wide range, from choral works and opera to chamber music and music for full orchestras. Brattberg’s debut as a playwright was in 2008 and since then he has had plays produced in various theatre’s in Norway, including the National Theatre. His work has been translated into eight languages ​​and performed in France, Indonesia, New York, Denmark, France, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, England and the United States.
Christian Lollike

Christian Lollike

Christian Lollike is an award winning Danish director, adaptor and playwright educated at The Danish National School of Playwriting at Aarhus Theatre (1997 – 2001). He is one of the most performed Danish playwrights abroad and is known for his critical plays all written in an anti naturalistic and open form. In 2009 he received a Reumert award as playwright of the year.