For us, workshops are our space to metaphorically (and sometimes literally!) throw paint at the walls, and try everything and anything out. Our starting point might come from a new text, or it might come from a provocation from a dancer, a musician, an actor or the world at large. It’s where we bring a diverse group of creatives together to create from scratch, or see what might lie underneath the surface of a new play.

1. Arne Lygre’s Then Silence and Man Without Purpose: Apiary Studios, February 2014
With Sara Green (movement), Peter Cant, (director), April Small, Ben Woodhall, David Burnett, Jordon Kemp, Hugo Bolton (actors), Rebecca Hendin (visual artist)

2. Arne Lygre’s Then Silence : Drama Centre, November 2014
With actors Hayley Carmichael, Angus Wright and Peter Clements